link3We at Hope Community Church view small groups as God’s foundation and primary context for growing in a healthy community of faith. They are intentional clusters of 3 to 12 people that share life deeply together and are connected with the vision and leadership of the larger church. Opportunities are available weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

This is a great opportunity for you to connect with others during the week, in a smaller more informal setting.

Hatboro Small Group

Meets at Ed & Cheri Errickson’s home every other Thursday night ~ 7pm
Contact Ed & Cheri (215-441-1249)

Full Circle Small Group

Meets at the Black’s, (215-491-7440) every other Wednesday night ~ 7:15pm.
Contact Chick Wasson (215-915-1037)

Sybesma Small Group

Meets every other Thursday night ~ 7pm
Please check with Rich or Bev about where the small group is meeting next.

Questions? Contact Chick Wasson