The mission program of Hope Community Church is based on the premise that the church exists to glorify God and to impact cultures by sharing the truth of the good news of salvation with the non-believing world at home and abroad.

Our purpose is to provide leadership and assistance in Hope Community Church’s mission of ‘sharing the truth’.  We believe that the church’s commitment to the Great Commission [Matthew 28:18-20]…’sharing the gospel’ rightly flows out of the commitment ot the Great Commandment [Matthew 22:36-40]…loving God.  Acts 1:8 gives us the scope of our task.  We have a responsibility to three areas:

1. Judea…that which is geographically, culturally, and relatively close.

2. Samaria…that which is geographically close, relationally or culturally distant.

3. The Uttermost Parts…that which is geographically, relationally and culturally distant.

Hope Community Church has a strong desire to see the church of Jesus Christ planted in areas that are least evangelized and most resistant to the gospel.   Priority will be given to missionaries / missions efforts working in these particularly needy areas.  At Hope Community Church our strong commitment to missions is rooted in worship, the ultimate goal of obedience, evangelism, and discipleship.


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